Friday, February 1, 2013

Recycling 101: Make Yoga Pants From A T-Shirt

Yogapants Step9 










Oversized T-shirt (we used a men’s xl)
Sewing machine

Pattern for Adult-size and Kid-size yoga pants


Step 1: Lay your T-shirt flat on the table.
Yogapants Step2
Step 2: Place your pattern piece on top of the tee.
Yogapants Step3
Step 3: Cut out your t-shirt according to your pattern and be sure to save the sleeves as you’ll need them later on.
Yogapants Step4
Step 4: Place the two pieces out flat, good sides together. Sew up the armholes which will actually be the crotch of your yoga pants.
Step 5: Grab the center of each side of the tee and pull them away from each other so that what was the center, will then become the sides. 
Yogapants Step6
Step 6: Lay out the pieces and match up the legs. Sew them together in one continuous seam. Be sure to back stitch at each end so that they don’t pull apart. You can now turn these right side out.
Note: You can hem if you like, or leave the edge raw. If you do trim them later, just be sure to redo your backstitch so the legs don’t come apart.
Yogapants Step7
Step 7: Trim the sleeves into long rectangles, approximately 6-8″ wide. Make sure you keep one side the finished edge of your sleeve, as this will be the finished edge of your turned down waistband.
Yogapants Step8
Step 8: Place the sleeve pieces together, good side to good side, and trim the waistband to fit, leaving 5/8″ on either side of finished pants to allow for seam allowance. Sew up both sides.
Yogapants Step9
Step 9: Pin waistband: Right side of waistband to wrong side of pants.
Yogapants Step10
Step 10: Sew the pants and waistband together using a zig-zag stitch so that it has some stretch.

Step 11: Put the pants on and fold the waistband down over the top of the pants. Now get moving!

Tutorial via Makezine.

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