Friday, January 24, 2014

Visit Me At Tracyville :)


I have moved and you're invited to come visit me at my permanent home - Tracyville. Come for the sweet craft tutorials, business tips, blogging tips and all the arty, recycling, diy-ing goodness and handmade fun. You can also pop in and like my new Facebook page here.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Final Post :(

Week #52
Big Beautiful Curly Hair

Well OBC-ers, this illustration called 'Big Beautiful Curly Hair' concludes my year-long project - the Natural Hair Art Project - that started on the 1st Friday of 2013 and ran through the last Friday of 2013. I'm happy to have done what I set out to do - 52 Weeks of natural hair art. Woohoo! You can see all of the Natural Hair Art Project artwork from week 1-52 here

Week #51
Happy With Who She Is

Week #50
Sweet Sister Hair

Week #49
"The Big Chop Made Her Feel Fabulous & Empowered"
NOTEAll Natural Hair Art Project Pieces are 8" x 10" and available in the shop here. Enjoy!

** This Is The Final Post Here At One Brown Crafter **

I've been debating this for weeks and have finally decided that after 2 1/2 years of blogging every day here at OBC (until a few weeks ago), it's time to move onward. I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting you amazing artists and promoting your work and I wish you much success. You're invited to join me on my personal blog Tracyville and new Facebook page. Best of luck to all of you as you forge ahead on your creative journeys and Happy Holidays to one and all! 


Friday, November 22, 2013

Natural Hair Art Project - Weeks #45 - #48

Week #48
I Love My Hair

Week #47 
A Good Hair Day

 Fleur's Big Chop Was Growing Out Quite Nicely 

Don't Hate Me Because My Afro Is Beautiful

NOTE: All 'Natural Hair Art Project' prints are 8" x 10" and available here.

Natural Hair Art Project - Week #44

I'm playing catch-up with my Natural Hair Art Project. Here are two samples of a mixed media piece I call "Sister".  I normally show the NHAP Project artwork on Fridays, but until I get back on schedule, I'll show them a bit more frequently. If you're new to my work, you can find out about the Natural Hair Art Project here. Enjoy!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Tracyville's Had A Sweet Makeover...Come Visit!

Hi everybody! It's been a little while since I've posted here at OBC and I have missed it indeed. There's lots going on behind the scenes...for one, the holiday season has begun and you know that comes with a long to-do list. Anyway, I just wanted to jump on to tell you that my personal blog has had a makeover and invite you all over for a visit to my [online] home. Come say 'hey' and check out the newly renovated Tracyville

Place Your Holiday Orders @ Tracyville

Everything at Tracyville is made to order, so if you want art prints, cards, journals, magnets, totes, dolls, bags or whatever, you can check out what's in the shop and and place your orders. Buy handmade this holiday season, OBC-ers! Thanks!  :)

Handmakery 101: How To Make Clothespin Jewelry Charms

Here's a super cute, super easy and super sonic fast way to make a jewelry charm ... AND using clothespins of all things!

Here's what you'll need: 

. clothespins
. chain or ribbon
. beads


1. Carefully deconstruct the clothespins - removing the metal centers. This is the part you want. Save the wooden bits for a recycling project at a later date. (You know I'll come up with an idea for those, so tuck them sweetly into a plastic baggie and store them in a comfortable place until further notice. Please do not throw them away).  :)

2. Carefully pull open the straight ends of the metal pieces (this is easier on some clothespins than others) and add a bead. You can mixed a large bead with 2 micro-sized beads on either end for another look. I just went with the easiest route.

3. Pull your chain or ribbon through the curlie ends of the metal and that's it, you have a cute clothespin charm. Get even more creative with it and enjoy!

Tutorial by Tracyville.

Monday, October 28, 2013

I'm Going On Break! :)

{source: Job's Papa)

Good Monday morning everybody! Over the weekend, I took some time to sit quietly with myself and think about some things and this is what I came up with: as a result of Thursday's post, I've concluded that it's a perfect time to take a break from blogging every day at OBC. I haven't decided if I'm going to stop completely, but it will be less frequent than my every-day-blogging-grind for sure. While my intense passion to support culturally diverse artists is firmly in place, it seems as though interest from the the community is not there. The Natural Hair Art Project posts on Fridays will continue through year's end. Come visit me as I continue to do my art and craft thing at Tracyville. Thanks! :)

Friday, October 25, 2013

Natural Hair Art Project - Week #43

This lady represents Week #43 of the Natural Hair Art Project and this piece is called "Manicured From Head To Toe". Enjoy and have a sweet weekend everybody! 

Community News: Eshun Designs Co. Open House October 27th

Announcement from Eshun Designs:
We have so much to be thankful for and celebrate this month … October brings our 1 year Anniversary of Eshun Designs Co. Studio ..
We would like to say THANK YOU for all the support .. It has been a glorious year! Join us this year for our Open House Sunday, October 27, 2013 from 11.00 am to 5.00 pm …. New Designs, Food, Drinks … Celebrate Life, Love and Works!!
We are so grateful! Many Blessings!
Eshun Designs Co. Studio

32 New St. F’sted, VI 00840

Call 340.220.0058 for directions!

Renegade Craft Fair Seeks Creatives

We are now accepting proposals for large, medium and even small-scale installations for the 2013 RCF Winter Tour! Each fair has a unique footprint. Whether it takes place in a state park, an old airplane hanger, or a rehabbed train station, there are unlimited possibilities to what you can create!

Our Fall / Winter event schedule:
LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - Old Truman Brewery - November 9 + 10, 2013
BROOKLYN, NY - Skylight One Hanson - November 23 + 24, 2013
AUSTIN, TX - The Palmer Events Center - November 30 + December 1, 2013
CHICAGO, IL - The Pulaski Park Fieldhouse - December 7 + 8, 2013
LOS ANGELES, CA - The Los Angeles State Historic Park - December 14 + 15, 2013
SAN FRANCISCO, CA - Concourse Exhibition Center- December 21 + 22, 2013
What we're looking for:
  • Handmade Games/interactive activities
  • Large sculptural installations
  • Decorative installations
  • And more! We’re open to collaborating and discussing your ideas.
See examples of past installations here. See examples of what inspires us on our “Installation/Decoration Inspiration” Pinterest board, updated regularly!
We are interested in work that uses a wide variety of materials to create a dynamic backdrop for our unique fairs. Here’s your chance to add to your portfolio and have your project seen by thousands of attendees (including visual merchandisers, gallery owners, and other creative professionals and makers alike). In addition, we will showcase your work with a dedicated feature on our blog, as well as across our social media channels, which can create more great exposure for your work.
We’re excited to hear from you! Email to share your ideas.

Weekend Music: Wardell

Today's Weekend Music choice is the brother and sister duo of Wardell. They are also the children of director Steven Spielberg. Enjoy!

Call It What You Want

Thursday, October 24, 2013

OBC Is Growing...Let's Do This!

"okay let's do this" temporary tattoo

Hey everybody! Yesterday, I talked about making some changes with One Brown Crafter. January 1st is right around the corner and it feels like it's time to freshen things up a bit. To do that, I need your help. I know we''re all busy, but all I'm asking is that you take one little moment to tell me what you want to see on this blog. That's it. You can tell me in 1 word, a sentence, or a paragraph.

There are so many things I'd like to do and if you are with me, let's do it!

Here's My Wishlist:

1. I want to share your artwork more often than a bi-weekly showcase.
2. I want to share your events, product launches, new work, open studios, artsy get-togethers, exhibits, craft fairs, cool artsy stuff going on in your area, etc., etc.
3. I'd like you to use OBC as a promotional tool like you use Facebook, Linkedin, etc., so start submitting all the things you want to promote at any time.
4. I'd love to have you be a 'Guest Blogger' on OBC.
5. I'd like to meet you all in person, so tell me how you all feel about an art retreat.
6. Want to be featured for my new "Blowfly Girl of the Week" segment? If you are an entrepreneur or have a business, this segment is for you.
7. Want to be featured for my new "HoneyChild of the Week" segment. If you are "giving back" and doing good, honey-filled work in your community, this segment is for you.
8. Want to be featured for my new "Natural Butterfly of the Week" segment? If you are just starting, in the middle of, or already a full-fledged "naturalista," this feature is for you.
9. Wanna have a monthly online "Barter Party?" This is where we get the opportunity to trade work with each other. This is a great way to acquire things we want for ourselves or for loved ones and it's a great way to collect the work of people we like and admire.
10. This idea is a secret and won't be revealed until after the 1st. Ha! Ha!

I'd love to hear your feedback and suggestions. You can leave your comments below, on my Facebook page or privately at 

graphic via Pink Olive; art by Marc Johns 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Change Is Coming, OBC-ers!!

Good morning ladies & gents! Can you please come in a little closer because I have to tell you something - please direct your eyes to the signs - CHANGE IS COMING! (lol) I'm feeling like it's time for a [blog] change; time to re-launch One Brown Crafter; time to kick it up a notch. I love my blog and I love this community, so I'm not ready to throw in the towel just yet. I AM ready for a wee lunch break before the big re-launch though. 

I have a favor to ask of you - can you take a moment to think about what it is you'd like to see on this blog - your blog! This blog has always been about you and I want to get on track with its original mission - TO PROMOTE, SHOWCASE AND BRAG (in a humble way) ABOUT YOU!! :) I'd love to hear what you have to say, so join me on Facebook tomorrow and we can discuss this further. Until then OBC-ers... 

Turn in tomorrow to get the 411 on what I'm talking about.

xoxo Tracy

Quote of the Day.....

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tutorial Tuesday: How To Make Kimono Cord Bangle Bracelets

Do you love a whole bunch of bangles gliding up and down your arm?
Not feeling crafty?  Not to worry, these babies are for sale.
Well, today I'm sharing this tutorial by Handmade by Anne Potter on how to make these Kimono Cord Bangle Bracelets. Aren't they cute? besides looking super cute, they are also super easy to make. Get the full tutorial here.

Kyoto Kimono Wrapped Bangle Bracelet

Quote of the Day.....

Don't believe everything you think
{source not listed}

Monday, October 21, 2013

Artists' Showcase: Astrid Chesney

I'm so attracted to the naive feel of some of Astrid's Chesney's work...

Astrid Chesney – Illustrator » Hand-Drawn Type

Astrid Chesney graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2004, having studied Illustration BA (Hons) at the University of Brighton. She has since continued to develop her visual language through her personal and professional work. Astrid lives and works in London where her work draws on the everyday, people and places.        


Quote of the Day......

You must listen. Yes.
via Flickr

Zibbet's 'I Pledge Handmade' Campaign

Have you heard about Zibbet's 'I Pledge Handmade' Campaign?

Here's the deal...Zibbet has just launched their "I Pledge Handmade" campaign and they need the support of the handmade community. (FYI: This is a free thing). They've created a mini-site for the campaign and their goal is to raise greater awareness for Handmade and ultimately raises awareness about Zibbet itself and their sellers. They want it to go viral, so you can make your pledge in support of handmade vs mass production at By the way, in case you need a shop or a 2nd shop, Zibbet is a marketplace where you can have a shop for FREE! Just sayin...

Friday, October 18, 2013

Natural Hair Art Project - Week #42

For Week #42 of the Natural Hair Art Project, I did a little something different. Actually, I guess I went in a whole other direction. For some reason, Street Art kept going through my mind, then I started writing notes on Post-Its and then I moved on to applying the Post-Its on the wall of my studio. The notes ultimately moved to a bulletin board and this is where it all finally landed. Enjoy and have a creatively wonderful weekend everybody! :D See more of the Natural Hair Art Project here.